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The Szolnok Center of Vocational Technical Training calls for applicants to hold the position of branch school director (upper director) based on article 20/A of Act XXXIII of 1992 on The Legal Status of Public Servants for limited 5 years between 02 July 2017 and 01 July 2022.

A course in Plant equipment operator

Our institution starts the courses continuously all year round. Among the most popular types of courers you will find the forklift driver, lifting machine driver, excavation machine operator, transformator operator, road construction and maintenance operator, driver of groundwork machine, machine for the system of public utilities as well.

Call for Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition

The Szolnok Center of Vocational Technical Training calls for participants from the branch schools. Teams of 3 are welcome.

A new course in a foreign language, computer studies and company management free of charge!

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